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2014 Fix Up Day

Fix Up Day is Saturday, April 19.  Find out more details here!

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Adult Physician Volunteer Needed

Baxter is looking for a volunteer adult physician to come to our Wholistic Clinic 2 hours a month.  Interested?  Find out more here!

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Our Mission


Baxter Community Center seeks to reveal God’s love by responding to human needs in its community through effective programs and partnerships. Baxter’s response primarily includes addressing immediate needs, assisting individuals to become responsible, productive and self-sufficient, and affirming the positive qualities in individuals and the community.

A Community In Need

The Baxter neighborhood is a community in need. Bounded on the north and south by Wealthy and Franklin streets respectively, and on the east and west by Fuller and Eastern, the Baxter neighborhood is populated by families and individuals struggling to meet the challenges of every day life.

  • According to the 2010 census, 5031 of the 11,992 households living within a one mile radius of the Baxter neighborhood had an annual income of less than $25,000.
  • 3,056 of the community’s households had an annual income of less than $15,000.
  • Some 2,732 of 11,992 total households fall well below the poverty line.
  • 80% of Baxter’s client base live in or around the Baxter neighborhood.

The high incidence of crime and drug use has put a strain upon the neighborhood and the hope of the people who live there.



In Their Own Words

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“My favorite part of mentoring is that we always learn something new.”

- Maleeka Conley, Mentoring Student

“The mentoring program has helped me to break down the stereotypes that I harbored without even knowing it…”

- Anne Cassard, Mentor

“I choose to be a mentor because I think it’s important that our kids have role models and support…”

- Shayon Smith, Mentor

“Women getting together and accomplishing something is really one of the best parts…”

- Nancy Barnhart, Threads Teacher since 2000

“The Threads project provides students with self esteem. It tells them, ‘You can do something if you put your mind to it.’”

- Erica Millbrook, Threads Project Coordinator

“The best part of coming to Baxter is sewing class. I get to make my creations.”

- Ivory, Threads Student

“Beyond serving obvious physical needs in the community, people know they can count on Baxter…”

- Tammy Beckering, Volunteer

“I know that if I have an emergency, I can just walk through the door, and someone is there to help me.”

- Mrs. Willa Alexander, Adult Clinic Client

“We cherish [our son's] safety and security while we are at work and he is being cared for at Baxter Child Care.”

- Luke and Andrea Robinson, Child Development Center Parents

“Baxter offers their children nurturing care to help them feel safe and secure, and a planned curriculum to engage them in learning.”

- Jennifer Griffith, Kent County Regional 4C

“If I could choose one word to describe this environment, it would be ‘friendly.’”

- Michelle Mitchell, Marketplace Pantry Client

“This has transformed the way I spend money. Now I know that everything under heaven belongs to God.”

- Hazel Lewis, Freedom in Your Finances Class Participant

“What I love most about volunteering at the Marketplace is working with the people. ”

- Amber Hora, Marketplace Volunteer